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Welcome to the Blog!

Over the years we have really enjoyed meeting music fans at our shows, or receiving messages and requests, and often wish we had more time to talk and go into more detail with everyone; so we decided to start a blog!

We’ll be posting about all things music related such as our major influences, our connection to Clifford T. Ward's music, answering more of your questions, giving some insight into our songwriting and recording process, sharing what goes on behind the scenes when making music videos etc.

We’d like to kick off by introducing ourselves…

We are Robinson-Stone, a family band of three siblings, and we've been playing music together from our early days growing up in a small village in England, to our travels around the world to New Zealand and back.

We’ve written 3 albums of original material so far: our songwriting is inspired by our eclectic musical idols including harmonic bands such as Fleetwood Mac, The Carpenters, The Corrs and The Eagles; singer-songwriters such as Billy Joel, Clifford T. Ward, Jackson Browne and Jack Savoretti; and composers such as John Williams, Bill Conti and James Horner. It’s also inspired by our travels around the world - our debut album 'Home' was written after our return from living in New Zealand, inspired by the realisation that home is not just about where you are but who you are with.

This is Leyna, the youngest sibling. She is the multi-instrumentalist of the group playing Irish whistle, flute, piano, guitar and percussion. As well as being a musician, Leyna is a stop-motion animator and crochet artist, and creates original woollen characters for her Etsy shop Origiwools. If you'd like to find out more you can follow Leyna @origiwools on social media and check out her shop -

Music has always been a big part of our lives; in the early days we all just grabbed some instruments and started learning our favourite songs by ear.

In Dean's case, the middle sibling (pictured here), it was the piano. Influenced by Billy Joel's songs such as 'Summer Highland Falls' and 'Root Beer Rag', Dean took up the piano by learning Billy's entire back catalogue (almost!). Dean also composes music for short films inspired by our collective love of movie scores. If you'd like to check out Dean's compositions, visit his new website -

One of the things we love about being a family band is writing songs together; we each bring different ideas to the table when we write and record our albums.

Being self taught musicians, we love to collaborate and teach each other what we learn individually to combine our musical knowledge, writing and producing all of our material from our home studio here in the English countryside.

Pictured here is Danny, the eldest sibling and guitar player. You'll also notice him on bass and drums from time to time as well, often all at once - multitasking is a must in a three piece band!

One of our recent highlights was releasing our latest album Skywatcher; we may go into further detail about the story behind the songs and how the album was produced in a future post, so stay tuned. (Skywatcher is available now on CD from our online store and on all music streaming platforms)

During these unprecidented times it has been hard for everyone to stay connected with each other, but throughout the lockdowns we have performed several live stream concerts on our Facebook and YouTube channels to continue bringing music to you. We don't know how long it will be before we can tour our music out on the road again but until then we will continue to bring new content and stay connected. Keep up to date with all the latest media -

Thanks for reading and please give it a like and subscribe if you want to be notified when we post 😊


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Sid Barrett
Sid Barrett
Dec 18, 2023

Just heard Lenya's "The Holly and the Ivy" yesterday - looking forward to playing it on KNCE-FM this Christmas morning.


Usual Feed
Usual Feed
Feb 09, 2022

Great to see talent and artistry back in music, even better when it all comes together in family. Congrats to your success so far, and enjoy the rest of what i'm sure will be an amazing journey. Paul


Thank you for writing this blog! I learned interesting things that I didn't know about you. I will be interested in reading more about your music, your influences and such. 🎵

Tina Connor
Tina Connor
Nov 15, 2021
Replying to

Me too. So much musical talent in one family ! The similarities in our tastes in music are uncanny. I will be following your musical journey with much interest and looking forward to receiving your cd's of Clifford's music which I ordered last night after listening to your concert on YouTube. Fantastic interpretations of Cliffs songs which were a joy to listen too. So glad I found you through my links to Cliffs fan Groups on Facebook.

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